What if there was a place on earth where you could go to restore your health?

A place that can heal your body from the stress and damage of day to day living. A place that has the ability to reverse years of AGING, giving you a second chance to do it all over again.
There are only 5 unique places in the world identified as the BLUE ZONES. These are areas where people have a higher average life span of healthy living more than anywhere on earth. But what if you’ve already lived your life but were too busy or sick to enjoy it? What if it were now possible to turn back the hands of time?

Liveyon has created the NEXT GENERATION BLUE ZONES where SCIENCE and NATURE combine to heal your body, dramatically slow the aging process, and help you regain your youth.

The liveyon blue zone's of Mexico

The Liveyon BLUE ZONES OF MEXICO are REJUVENATING HEALING CENTERS that provide personalized, life-changing cellular therapies designed to STIMULATE THE HEALING FROM WITHIN by boosting your immune system & restoring your body at the cellular level with the power of stem cells. The treatments will enable your body to repair years of physical & environmental damage.
Mexico is among the most visited countries in the world, and it is the second-most visited country in the Americas. It is known for its Pacific and Gulf of Mexico beaches and its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts and jungles.

Liveyon’s first REJUVENATING HEALING CENTER opens in the tropical beach paradise of Cancun which is one of the most visited destinations in North America, a medically advanced healing destination, and a NEW GENERATION LIVEYON BLUE ZONE.

This is truly an amazing place for people from all over the world to come back to a key element in life, cellular healing. 

Liveyon Blue Zone® Cinematic Commercial

RECAPTURE YOUTH: The liveyon  process

To fully understand the process of recapturing youth, we must first understand the aging process. We have 2 pools of cells in our body: SOMATIC CELLS (existing cells in our body) & STEM CELLS (reproductive cells). As your somatic cells are damaged or worn out, your stem cells are called upon to repair or replace them. The problem is our limited amount of stem cells and this finite number decreases as we age.
Our lifestyle, environment & surroundings dramatically affects our body on the cellular level. Our chromosomes have protective caps (TELOMERES) which serves as protection from the degradation of DNA. The length of our telomeres is directly associated with aging and shorten as cells divide & duplicate. Your telomere length is also affected by your lifestyle & the environment. Another major factor is the compounds we put into our body. When your telomeres get to a point where they can no longer protect your DNA, your cells are damaged & go into a state of QUIESCENCE or dormancy.
Quiescent cells can no longer divide to replenish our healthy cell population but are not yet producing negative effects. If our cells are fed the right compounds during the quiescent stage, they can be repaired & start duplicating again. Without the right compounds or treatment through cell therapy, they become SENESCENT CELLS which do not duplicate, cannot be restored, and begin releasing negative compounds that causes our healthy cells to age rapidly.
The number of STEM CELLS we have in our bodies also decrease with age. In Liveyon’s BLUE ZONE, we have an award-winning team of doctors, scientists and renowned experts in the field of regenerative medicine led by a distinguished authority in stem cell science & cellular biology Dr. Rafael Gonzalez Ph.D. They have found a way a way to remove our senescent cell population, lengthen telomeres & add a new population of healthy stem cells into your cell pool which can dramatically reduce our relative age. The Liveyon Rejuvenating Healing Center is run by Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez. 
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Liveyon treatments

Prior to your treatment at the Liveyon REJUVENATING HEALING CENTER we have you complete a subjective questionnaire & perform a complete blood test which will allow us to conduct a thorough evaluation of your state of health & have a general picture of your health.
Baseline TESTS & Medical Treatments at the RMI include:
•  Physical Biomarkers using state-of-the-art Physio Age Software to determine your biological & chronological age. This measures lung function, memory, skin elasticity’ reaction time & body composition.

•  SMAC18 will identify the most rapidly aging organ, DNA damage & free radical levels.
•  Baseline Hormone Panel that tests DHEA, estrogen, growth hormones & T3/T4/TSH levels.

•  On the second day you are given an Intravenous Infusion of 100 Million of Liveyon’s pure mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)

•  You get a 1 year supply of HEALTHY CELL which is for DNA repair & TELOMERE lengthening.

•  You get a personalized diet & exercise program.

•  6 month & 12 month self scored subjective questionnaire.

•  6 month blood test at a convenient location.
•  Live video conference with one of our doctors for a comprehensive review of results.

•  A BIOMARKER RING is part of your program & this tracks your heart rate, sleep & other essential markers 24/7 which our Doctors evaluate to inform you of your ongoing progress.

OPTIONAL cosmetic procedures available during your stay:

•  Non invasive CER FACELIFT
•  Surgically cell enhanced REGENERATIVE FACELIFT
•  Stem cell enhanced HAIR REGROWTH

•  Healthy Cell % DNA repair

  LUMA serum

Where science and nature can create symphonies

Upon arrival at Liveyon’s Blue Zone in Cancun, the tropical paradise environment will invigorate you with the beauty of nature & a feeling of health & longevity. Our expert & friendly staff will be with you through your personalized program.

VIP amenities are available at the Liveyon SANCTUARY RECOVERY CENTER by request. Guests may also avail of 5 star hotel accommodations adjacent to the Healing Center.

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